Our farm

The volcanic soil had risen, and San Isidro Maldonado Farm emerged like a miracle, producing the most exquisite volcanic coffee ever tasted.

The secret of its excellence lay in the original Bourbon, a variety that had endured since the dawn of the farm, with strictly hard bean coffee (SHB) without exception.


Why our coffee is
so special?


The secret of the best coffee lies in the passion and dedication of every part of the process. 


About us

More than a century ago, in the lush forests of Guatemala, a story of tenacity and resilience emerged that gave life to a treasure of the earth: the Finca San Isidro Maldonado.

The farm was named this way in honor of his grandfather, Ysidro de San Rafael Maldonado Morales and San Isidro Labrador, patron saint of farmers, they inspired this name that, over time, became a legacy.